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Engineer Plus PAINT RPC-99 (Rain Proof Coating)

Engineer Plus Rainproof is ideal preparation of elastomeric wall coating used as long lasting, waterproof, dirt free protective finish with excellent weather ability, extended visually attractive coating and highly efficient in masking of wall defects of exterior walls of the building. Resistance to water alkali and the growth of micro organism.

We Appreciate Your Choice & Thanks For Selecting The Best Paint, Because It Is

  • A Revolutionary paint: Based on pure acrylic elastomeric synthetic resin with special additives to develop crack free beautiful paint film with greater strength for longer lasting sparkling colour stay.

  • The revolutionary paint contains UV resistant pigments & chemicals to prevent the paint film from tarnishing. It also ensures brighter and cleaner surface with its unique dust pick up resistance property.

  • Ultimate Lotus Leaf Technology: Due to hydrophobic nature of RPC-99 , on its coated surface like Lotus Leaf water rolls down in little beads without penetration or wetting.

  • Best Stain Resistance: Engineer Plus RPC-99 insures the best resistance to stains by creating nonporous, elastomeric dense surface. Stains are prevented from penetrating in the beautifully coated walls, means cleaning & maintenance of surface is quite easy.

  • Unmatched antimicrobial properties:it is an unmatched formula for hygienic and health living environment. The antifungal & antibacterial formula of Engineer Plus RPC-99 resists microbial growth and inhibit antimicrobial properties on the paint film .

  • Enhanced Crack Bridging Property: Usually wall cracks develop due to structural defects, heat & cold expansion & contraction . To take care of crack Engineer Plus RPC-99 is an ultimate elastomeric coating capable of elongation up to 300-400 % . The ultimate elasticity ensures your wall crack free & beautiful.

  • Superior Flame Resistance:In its category of paints it has the distinction of having the slowest flame spread rate which offers better fire safety & security.

  • Made to achieve highest international standards for environmental safety & health:: it is world class odourless high performance paint. It complies to international low , VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) specification and does not contain any hazardous ingredients like lead, heavy metals, toxic materials as per the guide lines of the international GS11 standards.

  • Durability:Coating of RPC-99 is highly durable and equality good for interior & exterior application.

  • . Can get spectrum of colours with vibrant shades:No's of combination shades can be developed with the base with luxurious finish.

  • 7 years performance warranty:Be assured for 7 years with performance warranty , which covers product performance against flaking, peeling , microbial growth.

For Best Results: Very simple to use.

Surface Preparation:

  • Before application insure that the new concrete is cured minimum for 60 days.
  • Clear the surface from oil, dust, fungus, grass, roots, rust & loose material etc by wire brush. If required do vacuum cleaning.
  • Fill up gaps above 5 mm with putty prepared in Engineer Plus PMF-99TM (Polymers Modified Flexible Membrane) under 5 mm cracks can be filed with the help of Engineer plus AEP-99TM (Acrylic Elastomeric Putty)

For getting the best result prime the surface with EAP-99 (Engineer Plus Acrylic Primer) & dry for 6 hours. More absorbent surfaces require two coats of primer.


  • Open the container of rainproof, stir well before use and make it brushable mixing with clean water.
  • Apply two coats of Rainproof by brush or roller within interval of 6 hours.
  • Insists for 3 coats of RPC-99 on horizontal exterior surface.
  • Dark shade may need 3 coats for proper hiding.


  • Do not apply on unsound & very smooth surface
  • Do not apply on hot or wet surface.
  • Do not apply RPC-99 when ambient temperature is below 10º C & above 45º C.e.
  • Dark shade may need 3 coats for proper hiding.

Area of Application:

Masonry surface, concrete , asbestos sheet, cement sand renderings, etc.

Preparation before painting:

  • Newly plastered surfaces must be allowed to cure completely before painting.
  • Paint should not be applied on surfaces/ substrates which are subjected to continuous seepage or dampness.
  • Application of Exterior Wall primer is mandatory for all surfaces. Not doing so can lead to failure of the paint film
  • Dark shades in exterior emulsion will need at least 3 coats of application for proper hiding.
  • More absorbent surfaces may require two coats of primer.

Tips for painting

  • Insist on recommended number of primer and top coats.
  • Ensure coverage does not exceed more than 10 % recommended figure.
  • Insist on 3 coats of paint on horizontal surface surfaces of exteriors.
  • Allow enough time for curing and drying.


The product information & application details has been given in good faith and as a general guideline. The company does not assume any liability for unsatisfactory results and damage.





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