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Polymer Modified System Cementitous Flexible Membrance)

PMF-99 : A Two component polymer modified cementitious flexible membrane system for waterproofing application as well as protective coating to cementitious substances.

Product Data:

Part I

  • Type : Modified acrylic liquid emulsion
  • Compotion : Acrylic emulsion + additive
  • Appearance : Milky white
  • PH : 8-9

Part II

  • Type : Modified Cemetitious
  • Appearance : Gray Powder
  • Self Life : 3 month
  • Mixing Ration : 1:2

  • (Part I :II)

  • Pot Life : 20 minutes
  • Coverage :1m2/kg (Mix)
  • Drying Time : 60 minutes
  • (Fully hard : 24 hours
  • Full curing :3 days/li>
  • Over coating :60 minutes
  • Application Temp: Above 100c +400c


  • High compressive flexural and tensile strength for durable repairs.
  • Off- white brushable mix excellent as a portative coat on cementitious substance.
  • Antimicrobial prevent fungal & bacterial growth, economical in application.
  • Highly elastomeric and crack bridging characteristics prevent corrosion.
  • Very low water absorption.
  • Excellent Weatherbility.
  • Area of Application:

  • Bridges, Decks, Parking areas in highways, Reinforcement steel to prevent corrosion stepping terraces and flats roofs. Repair of worn, damaged & spoiled concrete.
  • For injection, pressure & precision grouting. Kitchen, bathroom, sidewalls, swimming pools, safety Tanks etc
  • Application System:

  • Surface for treatments must be thoroughly cleaned of all laitance, loose materials, oils, greases etc. Mix one part of Resin (White Liquid) with 1.5 part of Gray powder by weight. Pre wet the surface before application. Apply 1st coat allow it to dry for 60 minutes apply second coat and allow it to dry. If required apply 3rd coat. Cure the screed/mortar for minimum 3 days.
  • use as a putty : it can be used as a elastomeric putty also by mixing part I & putty II + cement as per requirement for making putty.
  • Most important note 1st always mix part I& II as per the given proportion, do not mix water otherwise desired results will not be obtained. For preparing putty only cement is to be used. Use the putty within 5-10 minutes.
  • Packing-1

    PART I : 400 gm (Liquid)

    PART II : 600 gm (Powder)


    PPART I : 1 kg

    PART II : 1.5 kg


    PART I : 3 KG g

    PART II : 1.5 kg


    The product information & application details has been given in good faith and as a general guideline. The company does not assume any liability for unsatisfactory results and damage.



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