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Engineer Plus Acrylic Primer-(EAP-99)

Surface Preparation -

  • Before application insure that the new concrete is cured minimum for 60 days.
  • Clean the surface from oil, dust, fungus, grass, roots, rust & loose material etc by wire brush. If required do vacuum cleaning.
  • Fill up gaps above 5 mm with putty prepared in Engineer Plus PMF-99TM (Polymers Modified Flexible Membrane) under 5 mm cracks can be filled with the help of Engineer plus AEP-99TM (Acrylic Elastomeric Putty)


  • Open the container of EAP-99(Engineer Plus Acrylic primer) stir well before use, make it brushable & uniform by mixing with clean water as per the requirement.
  • Apply 1st coat of EAP-99 primer on the cleaned surface but before application get the surface slightly wetted or remove excess water by suitable means.
  • Allow the 1st coat to dry for 4-6 hours, before commencing for proper finishing light cut the primer coat with sand paper.
  • Before commencing final coat if you find surface imperfection, use ASP-99(Acrylic super putty)for good finish & to undo imperfection of wall.
  • Again finish the substrate with thin layer of AEP-99 & let it dry overnight. Finish it with fine sand paper.
  • Do not apply during rains & hot sunny days.

For best result:

Before putty work apply a coat of EAP-99 primer to establish imperfection of the surface


It is not harmful to human body. Keep out of reach of children and pets if splash on any part of the body, wash with water. Keep away from direct sunlight & heat.


The product information & application details has been given in good faith and as a general guideline. The company does not assume any liability for unsatisfactory results and damage.



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